Learning in the moment

03 August 2020

A New World of Learning

Recent events have highlighted the need to learn from our history. While there is an argument about understanding the context and moral climate that existed at that time, we must remember that as we judge others, so will be judged by our descendants. Therefore, we must take responsibility for our behaviour and actions irrespective of what we consider to be justifiable circumstances today.

Allowing our elders to be placed in the care of others without adequate resources or compassion

Spending billions on exploring space when global hunger, poverty and disease are rife

Ignoring the plight of refugees

Destroying the planet, institutionalised racism and sexism...

The list goes on.

But if educating ourselves by learning from the past is seen as fundamental to eradicating inherent, systematic and institutionalised prejudices, then why do we seem to have learnt so little despite the historical warnings?

One explanation is that we can never fully understand the prejudices, obstacles or difficulties others face unless we experience them through their eyes.....

... and this can be achieved by ‘in the moment learning’.

Using Holograms, augmented reality and artificial intelligence will allow us to see, feel and experience life as others do.

The gaming experience can become a life experience. Just as we can adopt avatars of our superior alter egos or heroes, so we can adopt the avatar of those of a different race, gender or ability. In the moment learning will allow us to experience and respond to situations we had previously never been able to experience; our behaviour will change, our learning and understanding of others becomes embedded in our psyche; and who knows maybe we can learn something by ‘learning in the moment’ rather than learning so little from the past.

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