Be Prepared

20 September 2014

Be Prepared

We live in an ever-changing world. Predicting what we will be doing, how we will be doing it and who we will be doing it with in the future is challenging if not impossible.

Not being able to predict the future leads to anxiety, uncertainty, knee jerk reactions or a blundering on regardless attitude. Coping with change and change management courses are helpful but often come to late as people try to react to the future they could not predict.

So if we cant predict the future and we don’t want to just react to the present what can we do?

How about – be PREPARED.

Purpose – have a purpose in life. It can be work, family or personal, but we can only feel fulfilled when we have fulfilled our purpose. Your sense of purpose defines you in a future you cannot predict. It gives you strength, helps you be true to yourself and your values.

Resilience – build resilience in yourself and others. Focus only on what you can control and change and not on what you cannot. Stay healthy, look after yourself mentally and physically. Develop empathy not sympathy; Surround yourself with positive and develop an inner calm.

Explore possibilities – routines become habits. Habits become addictions. Addictions are hard to break free from especially when change is forced upon you. What else can you/could you do? How do you know what you are good at yet? Where might a different path lead you?

Plan – what is the best and worst that could happen? What can I plan for this week, next week, next month that will help me achieve more? Feel the satisfaction of ticking things off your list. We accept and expect that plans might change but having a plan sets a course or direction towards our Purpose.

Accept or Adapt – change is the only certainty in life. We cannot ignore it, only accept it or adapt to it. Help those around you to do the same. At work or in business develop teams that are flexible and responsive; be solution orientated and embrace new ideas and opportunities.

Remove obstacles – take away your excuses, do not hide behind them. Learn more, read more, up-skill yourself. Go round, over or under obstacles but do not use them as an excuse. See obstacles as a challenge, feel the sense of pride and self worth in achieving in the face of adversity.

Explain – communicate your thoughts and emotions to others and get them to share theirs with you. Talk to your team, colleagues and family. Don’t let your ‘change’ surprise them or their ‘change’ surprise you. Don’t leave things unsaid. Use emotional intelligence to build rapport and confidence. Be open and honest, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it and give help when asked.

Define your own future – if you don’t know what your future has in store for you, define your own. Align it to your purpose and plan for it. It still might change, but having a goal, ambition or vision gives you the opportunity to make things happen.

“There are people who take part in the game; there are people who watch the game; and there are those who don’t even know the game is going on!”

Which one are you?

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