Why we should encourage children to say ‘why’ and root cause analysis

03 October 2019

but WHY?

A current TV advertisement highlights the exasperation shown by adults when children keep asking the question “why.” Many adults resort to the standard answers of ...”because it is!” or “because that’s the way it’s always been” in the hope that little Jo or Jonny will eventually stop asking “why”.

But at the risk of incurring the wrath of anyone with child caring responsibilities, we should actually be encouraging children to ask why?

Why? – Because inquiry based learning (asking questions) encourages children not to take information at face value; Not only do they become interested in the process of learning but they become less susceptible to fake news or mis-information. It helps children (and adults) challenge deep rooted beliefs and assumptions that aren’t necessarily right, logical or fair; we have simply lived by them “because that’s the way it’s always been”.

But why

The use of why is embedded in root cause analysis – for example:

Why did Jo injure her hand?

Because she was not wearing the correct protective gloves

Why was she not wearing the correct protective gloves?

Because no one had told her she needed to wear them

Why had no one told her that she needed to wear them?

Because she had not had a proper induction into the workplace

Why had she not had a proper induction into the workplace?

Because there was no management system in place for induction...

Asking why helps understand the root cause of an accident and remedial solutions implemented which alter behaviour and assumptions.

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Oh and don’t forget encourage children to ask why.............!



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