07 April 2020


I am one of the lucky ones. RHG Consult packed me off with my computer to work from home while the COVID-19 virus runs its course.

But as a single person, working at home is a somewhat daunting prospect. I was an only child and well used to being in my own company all my life but nevertheless, I am very active and sociable generally.

The first few days seem upbeat and I like a challenge, so “this is definitely a challenge to focus on and be positive about” I thought. Not dwell on the I’ll be using more loo roll at home thoughts – oh how we laugh about all of that shenanigans ! but change is change and no one likes change....

The next few days I was bouncing off the walls, frustrated at being out of my beloved routine and hopelessly opening the fridge door almost every hour, expecting something different to be in there. I am not stupid, why am I doing this? But having a radio on and listening to the callers, it seems this is a countrywide phenomenon! But home is where the heart is; it’s our safe haven, our nest that we create to make us feel warm and cosy. So why are many of us so keen to leave our safe haven and break restrictions and in doing so risk lives?

So here we are at week three and I am calm, concentrating and happy in my new version of ‘routine’; looking at the people still going out every day, on the front line, I find this a privilege too many don’t have.

Right now, the sun is shining through the window, I am working through my ‘to do’ list, sipping on my coffee and not feeling guilty about eating a jammy dodger. Just the one mind, well OK, maybe two.

One task I have completed is putting together an online version of our Diversity, Wellbeing and Environment calendar that Tricia collates every month for our Tutors and Learners. I have enjoyed creating it and hope you will read it and enjoy it too; you may even find yourself a new interest or something to participate in.

Follow this link to read it for yourself

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