Mindfulness for Managing Stress in the Workplace


Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one's focus and attention to the present moment. Living 'in the moment' is a key principle for managing stress in self and others.

The course is suitable for people of all levels and backgrounds, both professional and non-professional. Employers will benefit from this course as it raises awareness of the impact of stress and provides practical ways to reduce levels of occupational stress. This course is also suitable for individuals who wish to identify the triggers and symptoms of stress and learn how to manage their personal stress and potentially support others.

The two day course provides practical advice and strategies to actively reduce stress in self and others and to promote health and wellbeing using mindfulness techniques.

Topics you will cover include:

  • Mindfulness techniques to reduce the impact of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Methods to boost your attention, concentration and general well being
  • Breathing, relaxation and coping mechanisms to support day-to-day challenges and busy lifestyles
  • Mind, body and self-meditation techniques to help you manage your thoughts and feelings
  • Know the stress response and how it affects individuals
  • Recognise factors that can increase or reduce stress
  • Self-realisation to strengthen resilience


Dates and Venue
10th - 11th October 2019 - Market Harborough
21st - 22nd November 2019 - Market Harborough