CV Writing and Interview Skills


This one day course is suitable for anyone with or without a CV. Starting from a blank page or developing what you have already prepared the workshop will reflect the current preferred styles for the job market and help you to prepare for interview. Providing practical techniques to help you overcome nerves as well as guidance on answering key interview questions.

Typical topics you will cover include:

  • Recognise and list personal skills and strengths
  • Complete a personal profile
  • Actions to prepare for interview
  • Answers to key interview questions using the STAR technique
  • Complete a “Next Steps” action plan


Dates and Venue
26th September 2019 - RAF Digby Learning Centre
15th October 2019 - RAF Waddington Learning Centre
16th October 2019 - RAF Coningsby Learning Centre
14th November 2019 - RAF Waddington Learning Centre
28th November 2019 - RAF Cranwell Learning Centre